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THERMA V uses 75% of natural energy absorbed from outside air and the rest of 25% comes from electricity. THERMA V significantly reduces CO₂ emission compared tooil or gas boilers.
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LG's Therma V range of air-to-water heat pump systems deliver up to four times more energy efficient than a traditional boiler system. The inverter-driven range is available as either a R32 monobloc or R410A split system. Low temperature monoblocs and split systems deliver up to 55°C hot water. A high temperature split system can increase the hot water temperature up to 80°C.

Suitable for home heating and hot water as well as underfloor heating, any system can be retrofitted to existing radiators and hot water tanks

How THERMA V R32 Monobloc Works

Heat generated by the outdoor unit via heat exchange with external air is transferred to the domestic hot water tank toprovide heating and hot water.

Reliable Heating

THERMA V R32 Monobloc provides reliable and powerful heating for the indoor environment. It can operate even at extremely cold weather like -25°C. Moreover, it can offer leaving water temperature of 65°C at maximum.

Revolutionary Scroll Compressor

THERMA V R32 Monobloc is equipped with the Revolutionary Scroll Compressor. This advanced compressor especially improved the tilting motion of scroll, increasing overall efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, compressor operation ranges are improved to perform from 10 Hz to 135 Hz.

Environmentally Sustainable Refrigerant

THERMA V R32 Monobloc is equipped with R32 refrigerant, the environmentally sustainable refrigerant which has a Global Warming Potential of 675, 70% lower than that of R410A’s. With R32 refrigerant, THERMA V R32 Monobloc is highly energy efficient as a greener heating solution.

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